May 2017

A variation on Dan Whites Dander ,

A nice loop starting at the car park at the very top of Kilfeghan Road  (WP1). Cross the ford , turn left at the nurse’s cottage ( a derelict house that used to belong to the local district nurse). Follow the eastern bank of the water gap river to Fallow Corner where the track meets the fence ( WP2) . Then either head straight for the mast along sheep / bicycle tracks or if you are afraid of getting lost keep the fence on your right and follow it round to the mast (WP3) . Cross to booster station at WP4. Then head for knockshee . Visit the summit if you have time or cut down from shoulder to path on north side Knockshee (wp5) , turn right on path and follow to gate at WP6 , not forgetting to close it after you . Follow rough track down bearing left and you will exit onto Kilfeghan road again at Wp7. Turn left , head back to your motor and have a picnic !

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.11.11


May 2

I have to admit I havent tried this one myself . The only issue I see is the route from WP14-WP15 . If you do it send me the GPS file . starts/Finishes at Trasset CP